Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time Gets Away

It is amazing how quickly time gets away from us. We have been back from Vancouver just over a week and it feels like I never left. Our classes are filling up and we are excited about the coming spring. Lots in store for us at Needleworks.
I wanted to add a few here goes.

These are pictures of two recent students who completed their Quilter's Primer class. In this class students stitch 6 (12") blocks, join them with sashing and borders, layer, quilt and add binding. I have found this method to be the best for beginner students. There are not that many decisions to make other than chosing fabrics, which leads to greater success. And believe it or not, its all done in 5 weeks (3 hours each) with a bit of homework.

I have also completed custom quilting a quilt this week. This is a lovely quilt to work on. Once I got into the rhythm of just flowed.

A closer look of the quilting.
The you can see the quilt details. I used Wonderfil Silco Multi thread for the front and back. Blends beautifully.

Now all I have to do is finish the next quilt on the table....this has taken a very long time....and get to the pile I have stacking up. I'll try to post more pictures of custom quilts on the web page as I complete them.

Just had to show off Astrid's Winter Ice Stash Buster Quilt Top. We will be working on the Chocolate Delight this Friday evening and I'll have more pictures to show.

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  1. Those are lovely quilts, what a great accomplishment, may be one day I will learn to quilt..Fantastic