Saturday, January 31, 2009

no classes today

We have no classes today at the store, so I may get some work done. Still need to download some pictures so I can post them.....maybe when my chores are done.

We had a stash buster event last night. Lots of laughter and great cutting and sewing. All participants brought (from their stash) dark blues and whites. Very interesting what we considered dark blue....we ranged from a medium/bright blue to a very dark blue/black. We had fun cutting and swapping then sewing our blocks.
Here are some of the blocks made. I am glad that we added more medium toned blues....adds more interest.....and before anyone comments on the blocks (some are not right....they are left). The two on the bottom left were cut in the opposite direction to the instructions. As long these gals continue to cut their blocks in the same direction, they won't have any problems.
I am working on a queen size quilt...that means 144 blocks! The goal is to get our quilts done for the next month event. Any that do will get a prize as well as a discount coupon!

Friday, January 30, 2009


Just got dropped off at work. The parking lot is a serious skating rink! I love the warm weather, but it plays havoc with the snow melt and we have a huge snow pile in the lot and guess where is runs when it melts? You got it....right past my front door! So now I have to spend the rest of the day in dirty pants......thank goodness I landed mostly on my butt AND was wearing my long coat, so my bum is ok, just some dirt on one knee.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beginner Quilting

Another class last night. I taught the 2nd lesson in my beginner quilt class (Quilter's Primer). I had opportunity to do a bit of my own sewing. The ladies are really motivated and don't chat much. We were doing half square triangles (HST). Usually I demonstrate on sample fabrics and this time I decided to demonstrate on a project that I am working on. So, in addition to the students getting all their blocks done, I got some work done too.

I am trying to get a few blocks ahead of my class for Friday night. We are doing a "Stash Buster Event". I have a number of students coming in for a planned scrap quilt class. What I mean is that we are using selected fabric choices from our stash. This is a monthly event....this month we'll be doing "Winter Ice" using dark blue and white fabrics. The block is a variation of a Buzz Saw or Delectable Mountains block. Next month the quilt is called "Chocolate Delight". Think of a box of chocolates with cream centers. So, lots of dark and medium browns, and burgundies and creams, light browns and pinks.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

last night's class

Last night I taught 3 students in our 6 week pant/skirt class. Two of them wore their finished skirts to class!!!! One was thrilled, she had never had such a well fitting skirt. The other decided that because there was a bit of a stretch to the fabric, she should have made it a bit smaller. So, now we are working on finishing the 1st skirt (for one student) and fitting and sewing the 2nd skirt and 2 pairs of pants! I must say these ladies are sewing with a mission. Even though they (we) do chat and visit, they get lots done.

I am thrilled that I can help these students be creative and confident with their sewing skills. Sewing clothes doesn't really save you any money, but when you have patterns that fit, in fabrics you like, you can easily whip up new and individual wardrobes in no time at all!

Tonight is our 2nd in the Quilter's Primer (beginner quilting) class. I'll have to start taking regular pictures and posting them for all to see!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

taking a blogging course

I am taking a course on blogging....learning how to set up and operate a blog page. I expect that this will take up another big chunk of my time....time that I don't really have. I work very long hours and maybe this will give me an opportunity to "veg" for a while. I have read that journalling is a good here goes.

I hope to be able to share pictures of my latest sewing projects. I sew almost every day in one form or another and right now need to get some quilts and t-shirts done before I start anything new....right!!!!! I always start something new, but never seem to find the time to get them finished. Maybe if I wrote a list......I'll get the list started, then not finish it. So, won't start that.

At Needleworks, we teach a variety of classes in sewing and quilting. I had a beginner adult class last night with 4 very eager students. Some had never touched a sewing machine before! We started on a simple tote bag project. I wrote the pattern and have published it and sell it at the store. Super simple, but very practical. Tonight I am teaching a skirt/pants class. We use Kwik Sew patterns in many of our classes and the ladies are using the Easy Sewing book. 6 weeks on fitting and sewing skirts and pants. Next they'll do T-Shirts. On Wednesday (today is Tuesday), I'll teach the 2nd of 5 lessons in our beginner quilting class, Quilter's Primer. I wrote and published the book in 1999 and am currently trying to edit it with better graphics. The class is small (I prefer smaller classes) and the ladies are doing a great job. Thursday night I have off....actually, I am going to a sew night with a group that I belong to and then teach again on Friday night. Late nights aren't that bad, its the early mornings that are tiring. But, I love teaching and get excited all over again when students are excited and succeed in their project.

I haven't even started on our kids classes!

customer work

this is a sample of what our customers can do. Mary picked up most of the fabric at our recent Swap & Shop. She fussy cut, then added borders. Great job!

my web page

Here is the link to my web page at Needleworks. We offer all kinds of sewing and quilting classes for adults and children.