Saturday, January 31, 2009

no classes today

We have no classes today at the store, so I may get some work done. Still need to download some pictures so I can post them.....maybe when my chores are done.

We had a stash buster event last night. Lots of laughter and great cutting and sewing. All participants brought (from their stash) dark blues and whites. Very interesting what we considered dark blue....we ranged from a medium/bright blue to a very dark blue/black. We had fun cutting and swapping then sewing our blocks.
Here are some of the blocks made. I am glad that we added more medium toned blues....adds more interest.....and before anyone comments on the blocks (some are not right....they are left). The two on the bottom left were cut in the opposite direction to the instructions. As long these gals continue to cut their blocks in the same direction, they won't have any problems.
I am working on a queen size quilt...that means 144 blocks! The goal is to get our quilts done for the next month event. Any that do will get a prize as well as a discount coupon!

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