Tuesday, January 27, 2009

taking a blogging course

I am taking a course on blogging....learning how to set up and operate a blog page. I expect that this will take up another big chunk of my time....time that I don't really have. I work very long hours and maybe this will give me an opportunity to "veg" for a while. I have read that journalling is a good thing.....so here goes.

I hope to be able to share pictures of my latest sewing projects. I sew almost every day in one form or another and right now need to get some quilts and t-shirts done before I start anything new....right!!!!! I always start something new, but never seem to find the time to get them finished. Maybe if I wrote a list......I'll get the list started, then not finish it. So, won't start that.

At Needleworks, we teach a variety of classes in sewing and quilting. I had a beginner adult class last night with 4 very eager students. Some had never touched a sewing machine before! We started on a simple tote bag project. I wrote the pattern and have published it and sell it at the store. Super simple, but very practical. Tonight I am teaching a skirt/pants class. We use Kwik Sew patterns in many of our classes and the ladies are using the Easy Sewing book. 6 weeks on fitting and sewing skirts and pants. Next they'll do T-Shirts. On Wednesday (today is Tuesday), I'll teach the 2nd of 5 lessons in our beginner quilting class, Quilter's Primer. I wrote and published the book in 1999 and am currently trying to edit it with better graphics. The class is small (I prefer smaller classes) and the ladies are doing a great job. Thursday night I have off....actually, I am going to a sew night with a group that I belong to and then teach again on Friday night. Late nights aren't that bad, its the early mornings that are tiring. But, I love teaching and get excited all over again when students are excited and succeed in their project.

I haven't even started on our kids classes!

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