Wednesday, January 28, 2009

last night's class

Last night I taught 3 students in our 6 week pant/skirt class. Two of them wore their finished skirts to class!!!! One was thrilled, she had never had such a well fitting skirt. The other decided that because there was a bit of a stretch to the fabric, she should have made it a bit smaller. So, now we are working on finishing the 1st skirt (for one student) and fitting and sewing the 2nd skirt and 2 pairs of pants! I must say these ladies are sewing with a mission. Even though they (we) do chat and visit, they get lots done.

I am thrilled that I can help these students be creative and confident with their sewing skills. Sewing clothes doesn't really save you any money, but when you have patterns that fit, in fabrics you like, you can easily whip up new and individual wardrobes in no time at all!

Tonight is our 2nd in the Quilter's Primer (beginner quilting) class. I'll have to start taking regular pictures and posting them for all to see!

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