Thursday, May 14, 2009

A quilt in progress

I do a limited amount of custom quilting. I "sit and sew" on a regular sewing machine and quilt free hand. Some customers ask for very specific designs, some tell me to "do whatever....I trust you". What a wonderful compliment and responsibility!

I have had two quilts (my mum's) here to quilt for over 2 years. She pays for me to go to an annual quilting retreat with her each June and I am expected to get her quilts quilted. I am very far behind. So, my challenge is to get these two done before I see her in June!

I have just finished a challenging more said about that other than now that I am done, I feel much lighter and want to get onto other projects.

Mum's orange quilt is one of them. I have decided to journal the process. I sat down yesterday and began the "stitch in the ditch" quilting around the blocks. I don't normally do this, but feel that the quilt needs this to keep the diagonal blocks from stretching too much. I want to do some really neat free form on the blocks and heavily quilt the background. We'll see once all the dreaded "stitch in the ditch" is done.

So, now off to put the plugs in my ears.....My music and stitch some more. I'll take and post a picture when this first step is done and try my best to record each step....just for interests sake.

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