Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Custom Quilting

So, I said earlier that I would track my process of quilting my Mum's Quilt. It is so hit and miss that I sometimes don't touch my machine for over a week. But here is what I have done to date....

I "stitched in the ditch" all the sashing and border seams. The quilt blocks are "on point" and I wanted to keep things from stretching. I was also doing some other quilts at the time adn needed to stitch in the ditch for them as well. I don't use a walking foot. I tell my students to save their money for fabric and thread! I use a couple of straight pins to secure the seams. Never had a wrinkle or pucker this way. I used an 80wt bobbin thread for the top and bottom.

I also modified a quilting hoop by wrapping grip tape around it. I placed the hoop around the needle and used that insead of my hands in gloves to guide the fabric. I found that everytime I needed to move a pin, I had to take off BOTH gloves to do it. Don' t ask me why both gloves, but I guess I needed to remove both gloves at some time and my brain was imprinted!

Once all the s-i-t-d was done I could quilt "properly". I don't particularily like stitching in the ditch and consider the free form quilting the best way to go. Mum's quilt is a block of the month she did a few years ago...So, I quilted curved lines in each of the print pieces. I read somewhere years ago that we should quilt curved lines in straight quilts and straight lines in curved quilts. I do that and it works.

The center block and the side setting triangles are background fabric and were just screaming for something special. So, I changed the needle thread to a heavier cotton and filled in with a free form pattern. By making the blocks a bit different each time, I didn't have to worry about making a "mistake" and the blocks not being perfect.

The border is a combination of leaves and curls. I worked from the corners to the middle of the border and then back again adding more curles to fill in the spaces.

This quilt is almost done and now the worry is that I'll have enough of the needle thread to finish.

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